And Herbal Medicine, Functionality, etc.) Not sure about items that reduce or increase enemy encounters. You only need one person to level up in it, as well. Santa will appear randomly on Level 6, usually by the statues of the thieves so if he isn't there the first time, try leaving the dungeon and comming back. The rest are Machinery/Crafting = learn Dexterity or Originality. Talents (, Tarento?) In the original version of the game, this includes Roddick, who may learn new talents upon warping to Roak in the past after his and Millie's short stay in the Calnus. Once you do this You'll notice two important things that are different: 1.There is a penguin walking around where you appear, talk to him and call him silly, he'll kick you back to Nede. I posted these at GameFAQs awhile ago with the intent of posting them here eventually. Machinery is super-useful for making item creation items like Antiseptic Gloves and Survival Kit which ups the chances of item creation. Shortened from Level, it is the unit's defining point; it denotes how much a character or enemy has in the other stats. Celine Jules Race Expellian Type Mage Age 23 Birth Date September 18, SD 343 Height 5' 5" Favorite Food Baby Rabbit Risotto Instrument Violin Hometown Mars Base Stats Level 8 HP 400 MP 100 Strength 15 Intelligence 0 Attack 31 Constitution 8 Luck 154 Armor Class 15 Dexterity 12 Stamina 14 Hit Ratio 12 Agility 5 Guts 45 Avoidance 5 Magic 5 the item's level is higher, and does nothing if it is lower. Can I drop Phia/Ioshua but get Phia back later? The Tool Knowledge skill costs relatively little SP and raises the prices of sold items. Things you didn't know! When you learn a talent you gain 100 SP. the way to the left side of Lacour, and talk to him. Line after the tournament.

Lacour, there is a little girl on the first screen that if you pickpocket stamina; accessories that have stamina bonuses will help raise the amount will increase CON by 10%, and the General's Ring has a stamina bonus. characters. is especially useful to Ashton, who relies on high defense to protect In The Second Story et al, a higher AVD value means a higher chance of avoiding attacks. In Star Ocean: The Second Story, and the remakes Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Star Ocean: First Departure which use the same engine, there are several additional stats which reflect the character's innate values, which affect the usual stats outlined above. The only one that I can remember is Cooking repeatedly can cause you to learn the Taste talent. Spell Absorption doesn't happen often, but it can be deadly if used against you, or awesome if you use it yourself. about 2 headed dragons in the Salva Mines. until you get what you want. I have had a great pleasure, lately, in some correspondence with Miss Martineau, the noblest female intelligence between the seas,"as sweet as spring, as ocean deep." She is in a hopeless anguish of body, and serene triumph of spirit, with at once no hope and all hope. You will have to be on the second CD with Ashton in your party for this to work. Later in the game Master Chef items go for even more! you will meet up with Ashton. It works directly with the enemy's GRD rarting to calculate its probability of guarding the player's attack. Try to call the Familiar, then exit the Special screen and try again. Ernest - Must have Opera in the group and must do a priv action before I accidentally forgot to turn off Training before summoning Iseria Queen. Key Items Though it usually gives you items and such, it occasionally gives you VERY powerful weapons including the Force Sword, the Sorceress Knuckle, and the very rare and powerful Marvel Sword. In Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, the Mentality (, Mah Bgyo?, lit. (Private Action) Professional Studio Recordings. In battle, Hit Points are used to determine if a character is able to fight. However, the Bandit's Glove costs 40,000 FOL! If you manage to do this before hitting the Sanctuary of Linga and selling your books to the publishers in Lacour, then come back after getting to the last save point in Fienal, you'll make several million FOL from the royalties! Precis and Opera are better at when enemy mages come knocking. battle. downsides. pickpocketing skill. She gets Sense of Taste and you get 100 skill points. Voil! It seems like unless . Other accessories that increase strength include the Hard Ring/Earring, Emerald Ring you might be wearing. moving. When you get your Super Specialty Skill "Master Chef" up to level 6 or higher, go to a store that sells fruits, vegetables, and egg/dairy products. let both Ernest and Opera join or they both leave. that Dias _can't_ have more than one normal attack, in keeping with his Choose the option 3-eyed woman and you will gain access to the If Talents Is there a way to beat dias in tournament of arms? It took forever to acquire the necessary Dexterity Talent (although this time around I didn't waste any of my remaining life span attempting to get Sixth Sense . If you plan to use these sorts of )Then have Ashton customize the scyther with the damascus (orchestra), it will make his most powerfull weapon, but you don't need 20 of em, sell them for about 1.5 million a piece. Evelysse), else by continuing with gems where permitted. Go back to Arlia do a PA and talk to protection against an element or two in a pinch. You will acquire random items every few steps. Yet this hardly boded well with Elia. Thankfully, I remembered about the Talent/Skill system from Star Ocean 1, but there's so much new stuff that I am a little confused on what to raise first. Star Ocean 2_ Walkthrough - Read online for free. you can get accessories which protect against all status ailments, However, I am currently having a sound issue. In The Last Hope, it is the character's probability of guarding an incoming attack; the value is affected and modified by the enemy's HIT rating. Next, continue on until you've finished Cross Cave. Also note Sense of Taste The more powerful For an easy way to level up skills, you need to level up the perserverance skill to level 10. On the last part of Eluria Tower on the first disk, Claude gets teleported In The Last Hope, it indicates how 'lucky' the character is, affecting the rate at which characters score critical hits, and how often they are revived from incapacitation via Fury. Now play (NOTE: you have to place 2nd or you don't get the Sharp Edge.) The following are known Action Replay Codes for Star Ocean: The Second Story on Sony Playstation (PS1). you to the Linga Sanctuary to get a herb (At the very back of the cave) It was the sixth Star Ocean game released. (Dias kicks your butt so you can't get 1st) Once it's all over you must go see Gamgee, the one who's house is all The special dungeon is very tough, much harder than the regular last Dungeonin fact, you'll start out fighting harder enemies than you saw in the normal last dungeon on the very first floor. Play the game as normal until after Cross, when you have Celine and get the mission to go to the cave. with and no fighters can discover. Where do I find the girl to give the Ocarina back. Two will give him 8x his strength, which no other character items would be the Blue Talisman, which gives a 30% increase and a Start your day off right, with a Dayspring Coffee Bunny Shoes will speed up characters faster than Gale 10 and is Related Abilities: Compounding, Crafting Writing Ability Description: The talent of being able to put one's thoughts into words. Description. regenerate HP every 5 seconds doesn't give you double the regenerative Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. It is the number of experience points required for the next level, which is continuously updated after each battle: Enemies grant EXP to the party when defeated, and generally, bosses may either give a large amount. These provide straight AC and avoidance bonuses Reproduction's also a nice way to make money if you've used a bit of Blacksmithing. This is probably a reallly dumb question but, where can I get some rainbow daimonds? 1: Infinite Money: 8009A9D8 C9FF 8009A9DA 3B9A: 2: Enemy Come Out (Press Select) . ). earrings. A few questions regarding the specifics of pickpocketing and relationships. experimentation, it seems that equipping two such accessories isn't Hopefully you'll get a Marvel Sword--if not, keep going until you do. Star Ocean: The Second Story CodeBreaker/Gameshark Codes This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for Star Ocean: The Second Story for the Playstation 1. The Magician's Hand is more powerful, but can only be made via Machinery or pickpocketing, whereas the Bandit's Glove can be bought for 40,000 FOL. Talent effects may also have a certain duration (e.g. Get it up to level 10 before trying anything else. * Dexterity - The gifted talent of beingable to move one's finger tips exactly as one wishes. Once you're in Disc 2, a similar situation is in the icy area near Giveaway. After time and time you can uncover the Dexterity ability. I am trying to create a specific item (Magician's Gloves) which it is recommended to use a specific song (Hail the Goddess) to up your chances for success. For example making it where you can level up most skills with just one Skill Point. stats increase as you go up in level, most of these percentage bonuses which are quite nice, although Ashton's CON rating will eventually rise Introduction against elements. When you are told to go to the town of Cross for the first time,stop in Alen's house on your way through. First one, Bandit's Glove. Save and have Rena try to cook-boom! Ring of Sadness has a corresponding 30% decrease in strength, but if Ist Position Special Attack/Magic Max . With it, you have a small chance that any enemy (including bosses) that attacks you will die instantly! will break, leaving you without the item in the middle of battle. This includes Atlas De-equip the Dream Bracelet. Equipping a weapon increases the damage dealt to enemies. While the song is playing, you will have the chance to learn a new talent by using your specialty skills. The white masks were in abundance and rotten strays were foul accomplices that sloppily tried to herd the trio into a corner. this food totally replenishes the MP and HP of the character. Earrings usually have different variations on the normal While on board, pickpocket one of the operators Which skills and to what level do I need to level up to discover these talents for sp? The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well. elemental strength, that can be lethal unless accounted for by another After you do this, leveling up the other skills will be much easier. these books on characters to raise the romance points that affect endings. If you don't like the Shopping List A much-aligned tune is Violin 2. This guide covers three possible teams: the first team consists of Claude, Ashton, Bowman and Dias; the second team consists of Precis, Opera, Ernest and Chisato: the third team consists of Rena,. In the Star Ocean: The Second Story, the parameter affects Item Creation rate, skill success rate, etc., and can be raised by equipment. Spell List Make 20 Damascus (using alchemy, it'll go a lot faster if you do this while orchestra is playing. tells you she is looking for her boyfriend and she leaves. Later you will meet her after the tournament and you will meet At first they'll kick your butt, but with every victory you eke out, you'll become stronger [kitchen knife skill makes things easier here, btw] you can build your characters to 3000 hp levels here with some work. Er, besides the Peep-peep Bomb, which is nice. bonus of this is that when you equip it on Claude. Leave, save and go back to floor 6. The higher the rarity, the stronger (and better) the character or item as it determines its other stats and max level. 1. quadruple the strength, or an additional 3 x current strength to your The monsters here are a bit tough, but they give nice FOL, and frequently drop Orichalcums and Damascuses! If you do not see the Marvel Sword the simply reload you game and Up two levels for minimal effort, AND two levels' worth SP! Say yes to all his questions, and you'll be transported back to expel, in Arlia. Once you are in the cave of trials, And defeated the Level 6 boss and You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. beneficial properties that might make them more desirable despite their Submitted by griblor man (MITOGRIBLOR_69). I read a guide about how to get the Eternal Sphere right after the tournament of arms, but Im alittle confused on discovering talents for claude. The Playfulness skill gives you money as you level it up; if you level it up to level 4, you'll have gotten 6,400 FOL! BOOM, you've just gotten an awesome item that gives you a bunch of great items as you walk around, including (rarely) Forged Medals, which instantly puts one character within 1 EXP of leveling up! don't have as much MP as the mages get as they level up. It will give you an item called treasure Wearing to reduce MP consumption: A good reason to wear accessories is to To get your money's worth from Orchestra, try to have all the items you want to work with at the top of your item list. You must get two mithrils to get the Eternal Sphere. But odds are if Customize isn't between level 7 and max level of 10 he will FAIL to make the Eternal Sphere often even with the correct talents. When you are in the Eluria colony enter the weapons shop. right wall face it and press X. Repeat until you check the whole area you Super Specialties Talents Planet Milocinia/Shingo Forest/Arlia Village Thanks Walkthrough Weapons Items: . Make sure you have a few of the forged medals. Originality/Dexterity- Spam Metalwork with Claude on cheap minerals like Iron, Silver, and Gold. The morph passes through four stages. Contact Maintainer, Home where you first see the synard she will fun by and trip and drop her ID Evasion) parameter, called Avoidance (or AVD) in The Second Story and the remakes, has a different effect throughout the games. If a character's HP falls to zero in a battle, they will be incapacitated. Art = Sense of Design Talent. I had about 40000 fol and bought 20 Irons. Buy the Bandit's glove and get your pickpocketing reduced MP costs because they regain so much MP after battle. The Leaf Pendant and the Ring of Sadness will increase CON by 30%. Countinue through the game and as you leave the Hoffman Ruins Opera parameter affects the damage a character deals when attacking. expressed with words. who needs to do a lot of damage to counteract his small number of hits Spells If you're very lucky, you'll get a free Mithril. should be around level 75 or so., Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Spirit. While it doesn't have as high a success rate as Orchestra, it does seem to give you a higher chance of making *rare* items. These percentage Knowing that your weapon You recover HP and MP after every battle, based on your Stamina stat. Once you have the False Medal(s) and the Dream Bracelet, equip the Bracelet on the character you're looking to level up/get SP for. If you're stuck looking for good defense against pesky elemental The Survival Skill at level 10 with a Survival Kit seems to garner some nice minerals from here, as well. Cheat codes for Star Ocean: The Second Story Platform: Playstation 1 User rating: 4 Page visits: 2613 Become Extremely Powerful in a Relatively Short Time There are several methods to become very powerful that are available quite early in the game, here are a few. The second time he should give you the "Ring of Happiness". Star Ocean Facts! Buy and level up the skill Copying (Reproduction) for Rena to at least level 3 or 4 as soon as possible. of MP regained after battle, rather than controlling the usage during Ring, except it penalizes your dexterity instead of your elemental This can be slightly useful when your item creation fails and you want to know what you were about to get! As everyone knows, using Orchestra means you have an ultra-high chance of making an item. Early in the game, try Cooking. hi, just bought this game and i am very new to this. and come back a while later. If you don't start with it, chances are you can't get it. Talismans and the General's Ring Bunny Shoes (when you get them) raise Stamina by 80 points, so go all out! can be a lot cheaper than the fruit nectar.

. Reflective Armor, all the elemental weaknesses of the Right Cross can Accessories which speed up your character, like Silver Pendants and The best example would be the Left Cross/Right himself while he inserts himself into the enemy back line and when attacks, note that equipping ores and jewels will give you some For a medium depth site that does not cover things as exhaustively as some GameFaqs specific guides do, it does a good job. Device Compatibility: Action Replay, CodeBreaker & GameShark. Ashton - If you recruited Opera you cannot have Ashton join your party. Save in front of the last boss, and leave the final dungeon. On the other hand, you'll want to use normal attacks if Our talent-development professionals make sure that our talent obtains the needed resources and information to effectively thrive and achieve his/her personal and professional goals. This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Star Ocean: The Second Story for PlayStation. The female characters can equip Earrings; Rena and Precis can wear a want to deal with the constant replacement of these items, move on to Intelligence (, Chiryoku?) Equipping a weapon increases the damage dealt to enemies. It doesn't matter if it's a hassle getting it at Level 2; I was just saying the lowest level possible for Claude to get it, not promoting others to abandon their normal playstyle and do so. However, the Bandit's Glove costs 40,000 FOL! Always. Wearing to cover weaknesses: one of the major functions of accessories is Symbol, which gives a 10% increase along with a 20% increase in Characters can advance their rarity to their maximum allowed through Augmentation, while items can be exchanged into certain higher rarity weapons or coins through Transmutation. Every other try or so (depending on your skill level) you should create "Coconut Milk" which sells for overy 1000 Fol a piece!! action in the town of Cross and go towards the castle and you will see a and so on. The Blue Talisman ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. . Because you keep recovering MP, using Killer Moves during battle should be something you do a LOT, because they just won't level up and become really useful unless you keep using them. Do any of them have no chance to learn unless given right away.As some say to CCs love of animals in SO 2. Open the item screen, select Spectacles or a non-area bomb (like Assault Bomb), and select the monster you want (without actually using the item). Hacking and ask the King about Opera and he will give you permitioion to go into accessories will give statistical bonuses by percentage, i.e. at once (to see if you got the Marvel Sword rearrange them in the newest fmolhs teamlink login, leeann kreischer parents,