They are not particularly productive egg layers laying between 120 and 160 per year. It's too early to know, I love mornings like this and I love waking up ear, This is Leo, our new puppy! What type of feed is it? Ducks don’t normally eat their eggs. Shouldn’t my ducks be laying more eggs than this? (they are all brothers and sisters). It’s best to have at least four females per drake, or you run the risk of the females being overmated or even killed. Has anything stressful happened? Also, just seeing your ducks mating doesn’t mean they’re ready to produce eggs, because drakes are able to mate before female ducks are ready to lay. I’ve moved them into a yard that is about 5meters long and 3meters wide made out wire so they can get as much light as possible. I got a pair 2 months ago, and no breeding or eggs yet. I’m not sure how much a small pen would hinder laying, though. We have 4 ducks, 2 ladies and 2 drakes, one being a Crested Pekin, the others possibly a cross of Swedish/Cayuga, other male crested as well. Read “When do ducks stop laying eggs?” for more on when ducks stop laying. Keep in mind that it varies a lot and these are just averages. Ducks normally molt (replacing all their old feathers with new ones) once a year, and they can’t lay and molt at the same time, because both eggs and feathers contain high levels of protein, and it’s too difficult to produce both at once. Here are two articles on Backyard Chickens about breaking an egg-eater. Or what if they are hiding the eggs in the paddock where they free range? She lives mostly off peas but I give her meal worms and grit as much as possible. I know how frustrating these issues are! Breeds that lay a lot, won’t lay for long. Usually, a duck lays each egg a day but it depends entirely on the breed of the duck. I can rule out stress as a factor. Of course free ranging is natural, and ducks in the wild don’t have any trouble laying. Why don’t you just say your email address somewhere in the homepage? The usual interval between laying eggs is one to two days. For example, if they hatched in March, they’d be old enough to lay around September, but by that time the days would be too short, so they would only start the next spring, most likely only after all the snow has melted. If they were adults when you got them, then they probably would have started laying after they got over the stress of moving. Some people don’t give their ducks water during the night, but if they’re in there until noon, they definitely would need it, especially in hot weather. I’m not sure about Crested Pekins, but Swedishes and Cayugas are both seasonal layers. Wow a lot of questions! Thank you for your reply! Geese lay best when there are 11 hours of sunlight, and they quit laying by the time there are 13 hours of sunlight. Read “When do ducks start laying eggs?” for more. I listen to these uplifting, inspiring songs almost every day. I’ve never seen it before and it’s definitely not supposed to be there. Even if they are in a coop all morning and/or spend the day in an enclosed run, be sure that there are no gaps that an animal could slip through. I was wondering if there is something else I need to be doing to guarantee that our new ducks have the best start in their laying careers. Wheat is about 12% protein, and the ideal percentage for laying is about 17%. Putting a nest box out near where they like to stay would certainly encourage them to lay there, although it wouldn’t guarantee it. Other than that, though, she seemed fine. They are only useful as pets or ornamental birds. Often, ducks only start laying in spring regardless of age, although that’s rather unusual for an Indian Runner. 15 reasons, I Found a Hidden Nest! As for food they have all been on commercial layer formula with a mix of seed scratch, oyster shells, oil seed, and a treat of tomatoes or fruit on occasion. We had to make the i, Sylvie. Not all Pekins have the instinct to sit on and hatch a nest full of eggs. I decided to separate the males and the females and re-feed developer diet with the requisite Phosphorus levels for 2 months before rejoining the females. Would it be the crazy weather we have been having that has hampered their return to laying? I was assuming one of our chickens are stealing the eggs, but I check for eggs when I let them out.I also don’t let them out until noon to make sure they lay. I am not sure if lack of a companion is stressful enough to prevent laying, but I recommend getting her a companion either way. (How To Stop Your Duck From Hiding Her Eggs), Can ducks lay 2+ eggs in one day? This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. Slightly larger than the others on this … Even in year-round layers, the start of spring and the abundance of food in pasture seems to kick egg-laying into overdrive. Be sure to rule this out when trying to pin down the cause of the absence of eggs. I have four Indian runner ducks- one female and three males. Not all ducks like to go broody, but those that do will lay a clutch, go broody on it, and then stop laying. The other ten were healthy and the females all laid wonderfully, but this one duck stayed small. I’ll have a look into changing their diets. I’m not fussed if she never lays an egg just curious as to why the other 3 do but not here. At first, they all seemed fine, but then I noticed that one wasn’t growing as fast. The birds are molting, 2. Peas are fantastic, but only when balanced with other foods. If nothing else on this list sounds like the culprit, here are a couple things that might help to restart their laying: 1. By four or five, they probably won’t be very productive. After I do the Captcha and submit it says incorrcet user input. She is not super active but she never really has been. This means that technically, you can’t make your ducks lay more (through artificial lighting and other techniques). He's part Gre, The social dynamics of the goose flock have always, Mitzi always looks so cool and collected. Yes, the feed change and the weather could certainly be factors. The, Today's eggs. If it isn’t specifically for laying birds, it’s possible they need extra calcium. Is reaching into the nest to get the baby each day OK, or is it better to wait until all have hatched before getting them? I guess w/o a camera it would be hard to know but need to solve this soon! They generally lay 25-75 eggs a year, sometimes even less, so they’re actually one of the worst breeds there is if you’re looking for eggs. ... As I write this article on raising Pekin ducks, there are twelve eggs inside: the same amount that our … The eggs she was laying can’t possibly be fertile as the only male duck I have is only 2 months old. Be sure to list the duck’s age, breed, diet, and other pertinent information. I once tried feeding my ducks only wheat, and I had problems with elongated molting for adults and stunted growth in babies. Yes she has only not played for two days now but I got home tonight to find spots of blood in and around the coop, not a lot just maybe a dozen or so spots, I have checked them all for wounds but none seem to be injured, they are all as active as normal, the one not laying did a nice solid poo while I was looking at her and she didn’t look like she was straining or anything (I read something about egg bound ducks), at this stage i will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow, I hope I am just being a “mother hen” over anxious first time mother, will keep you updated xxx, I have 2 Indian Runners that are 2 years old (I got them Feb 2017). Maybe she is indeed laying and has put her eggs in the pond or garden or something. So it’s likely you won’t see any eggs until next year, unfortunately. Be sure they’re active, eating and drinking well, and in good health. They don’t appear to be molting or ill. With the help of the supplier I tried to correct the problem remedially but this was not working as the males were having access to the females and mounting them – once they mounted them their weight would damage their backs. It might help if you switch her to a layer feed (I think “duck crumble” refers to a generic waterfowl feed, right? They both lay about 100-150 eggs a year and they usually stop laying somewhere between June and November, and only start again in spring. Still, I wouldn’t actually worry unless she still doesn’t lay this coming spring. However, especially the first day you do this, they may refuse to lay their egg until you let them out. I’m not sure, but I would guess that she’s just taking a short break and will resume in a few days. I have to assume the mom is laying eggs and the babies will some day too. If your Runners have plenty of energy and do a lot of running around, and they still have their slender bowling pin shape, you’re probably good. Please help. 5. Do you mean you’ve had the geese for over a year and they haven’t laid a single egg? Try looking over the list at the top of the article again to rule out more possibilities. Read “What time do ducks lay their eggs?” for more. The age of the duck – as they get older the amount of eggs may reduce. Just wondered if perhaps they weren’t good layers? If the ammonia in the air is strong enough to be detected by a human nose, it’s strong enough to be harming their health. As for the geese, they probably wouldn’t be laying this time of year anyway. They have their own pool that has a enough water to immerse themselves and dunk, which is changed out twice a day. It’s a daily egg hunt since they don’t nest like chickens do. 3 juvenile females two of which have been laying every day and 5 x 2 month old ducklings, one of which is definitely a male. Anyway, if you don’t think anything else in the article could be the problem (predators, hiding the eggs, etc. Have you actually tried to fix the slipped tendon? The seller said she is a year old. Ducks lay the most during their first year, and gradually slow as they age. 2. Ducks emit loads of moisture when they breathe and the moisture can lead to frostbite. We feed them egg layer with 17% protein and the occasional treats. They are about 4 months now, and we’ve released them back onto the river in our back yard. Thanks. Pekins need to be at least five months old before they start laying. If they’re relatively tame, it’s probably not an issue. They initially started to lay in December 2018 and the percentage laid rose up to 75% then we had a dip and problems – the egg percentages dived, I had lame ducks, paralysed ducks and some even died. If you only arrive at 8 AM or something, there will have been plenty of time for a predator to take the eggs. Thanks a lot . They live with 2 Chinese geese in a very secure 12X24 house with a constant supply of water. It also depends on the breed because some ducks lay eggs throughout the year and they can lay over 250 eggs or more. Hi, I have a problem for which I would like some advice. We got her in June this year. You can only make them empty their supply faster. She was born with slipped tendons in both her knees but I take her to the vets on a regular basis to be sure she’s not in pain. Also, most Runners lay extremely well–but mainly just for the first few years. One of mine even thought about laying inside an empty cement mixer. Provide a children's swimming pool filled with water if you can. Many ducks are seasonal layers. I’ve noticed that frequent weather changes can really mess up my ducks’ laying. They’re still very young and things could change. The female is six months old–so she’s never laid any eggs? Worms can cause a drop in egg production. It might be worth trying giving your birds a little bit of parsley for a few days. I personally think it would be better to use an incubator if you’re going to be taking the babies away to sell, so she doesn’t go through the stress of sitting for five weeks and not getting any babies, so perhaps you could consider that, or consider letting her keep a couple. I believe they stop at five or six years old. If you have Muscovies, read this article: 10 Effective Ways to Sex Your Muscovy Duck. If the chickens only started two weeks ago, there’s a chance the ducks will still start soon. Molting definitely has a huge effect on their laying and it can take time for them to kick back in after molting, so that could easily be the cause, although I would expect them to return to laying very soon if so. She’s laying eggs with soft shells? BuffThe Buff is among duck breeds known as dual-purpose. One broody lady will trigger everyone else to go broody. Despite the male to female ratio she was happy & laying nearly every day. You have a flock of female ducks and you discover two eggs in their house. Ducks need at least 17 hours of light in order to continuously lay year-round. Make sure her diet has plenty of protein and her shelter is warm and dry. Stress probably caused their laying to stop initially, but yeah, if it’s been five weeks, I would have expected them to start up again–unless they started molting. Many meat breeds and other breeds not bred for extreme egg production are like this. Raising Ducks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. They will lay somewhere in the vicinity of their home, so it will probably be somewhere nearby. Have you looked around? February seems a bit early to molt to me, but I’m not really familiar with weather in Australia. As for being fat, actually, I don’t know of any reliable way to feel them or look at them and tell for sure whether they’re fat or not. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t (although of course I could be wrong). It sounds like the amount of food is probably enough, but what type is it? I have had them both since the day they hatched and they refuse to be separated. Once they do imprint, separating them is extremely stressful. I picked them up and brought them to their new home. Sudden changes in her lifestyle, such as being moved from one home to another, will also cut off her laying temporarily. Most flock raisers offer their birds free choice oyster shell or crushed eggshells to be sure they have adequate calcium. Those that sink to the bottom are still fresh. Nope. But I’ll consider putting an image with my email address on the homepage (if I just write it out, bots will be able to read it). Some people deworm their flock regularly. Is this their night pen only, or do they spend all their time in this area? What Time of Year Do Ducks Lay Eggs. Then here are three egg-laying scenarios that you’re likely to encounter: 1. or a change in feed, my son recently brought the wrong bag of feed. That blank box is strange. Since that point they’ve completely stopped laying. Generally, a… Some ducks are gluttons, and obese ducks don’t lay. I currently have six-year-olds that still seem to lay quite well, and some people have ten-year-olds that still lay. I know there are lots of factors involved here. The highest egg production will always be during the first year, and it gradually tapers down after that. I wouldn’t be surprised if some kind of egg ultrasound is invented someday, but even if it is, it would probably be very expensive. There is no sign of molting. I’m not sure if the sharp points would be a risk to other hatchlings, but you’ll need to remove them at some point anyway if the mother doesn’t eat them. You might not see improvement immediately, especially since I think you’d be approaching winter in Australia, right? Here’s an article I wrote on defeating those sneaky ladies who hide their eggs—although I can tell you from personal experience that it’s pretty much impossible to completely prevent them from hiding eggs without taking away their free ranging privileges or at least keeping them locked up in a coop or run until noon. Also we have been having a drought. I hope you find an answer soon! Ducks won’t start laying until they are about five or … There have been not, I haven't been active for a while and somehow I ne, And we've got ducklings! Our German Shepherd puppy, Nora, quickly became an egg thief once she started discovering nests, although we were able to nip the habit in the bud. My name is Lachlan, I’ve recently bought 7 ducks but only one of them is laying. Ducks can have special dietary needs and sensitivities, just like humans. Egg production and egg quality of an egg laying duck are greatly influenced by the food that she is eating. They can’t lay while they’re incubating! If you bought adult ducks from someone else who didn’t mention their age, it’s possible they’re too old to lay. I have three Khaki Campbell females and one male. 4 1/2 months old! It’s hard to convince some ducks that your nest is the best place to lay. Even if the days should be long enough, are your ducks kept in a dark barn or coop? If you breed your ducks, please make a plan for what to do with the babies. No evidence of rats in the barn. Thanks for your advice. My Muscovies seem to be able to hold their egg for hours and hours if they’re stuck in their pen and want to lay somewhere outside of it. She’s a bit smaller then the others but she seems happy and healthy. They are eating layer feed that I mix from commercial feed but add oats, sunflower seeds, and DUA. 3 are khaki Campbell’s and the others are Muscovy’s. Some people expect them to mature earlier. If they molt (and stress can trigger a molt), that will also stop them from laying for around 3-6 weeks. A sudden shortening of days may also trigger a molt (for example, if you suddenly start putting your ducks in a dark coop before the sun is down, or if your artificial light fails). The definitive answer is here. Six months old is when many ducks first start laying. If they’re in a small pen, that could further exacerbate the issue. Chickens usually have slowed down so much by their second or third year that they are no longer useful. Foxes have also stolen many, many of our eggs. In general, living with a disability could be stressful even without pain. The Muscovies, especially, are almost guaranteed to be hiding their eggs somewhere in that forest, and predators could be eating them there. Chickens need at least 2-3 square feet and ducks need at least 4-5. Additionally, here’s a sample of my favorite music group, 24K Gold Music, to cheer you up! Regular feeding habit of duck affects it’s health. I think she’s probably just not quite ready to lay yet, but she should start soon. I don’t believe that they are molting as there are not a lot of feathers present or missing on the girls. A very stressful event can also cause a molt. Some ducks, however, can lay well even when they’re eight years old or more. She might have to call it quits by three. 1) they did moult, but that seems to have been over a couple of weeks. Others don’t, in which case you should certainly remove the shells. They are all about 2 months old, so I was wondering when will they lay eggs... Also when they do they eggs when will the eggs hatch? the Maximum weight for Pekins is Male: 680g and Hen: 570g and they come in a range of colours - Lavender, blue, silver partridge, red partridge, blue mottled, Columbian, cuckoo, mottled, buff, black, … Hi Why did my ducks suddenly stop laying? In that case, it might work to let them out later. While a cramped night enclosure might not be enough to prevent the ducks from laying, it can certainly cause stress, especially if it’s smelly as well. My ducks often stop laying when it’s extremely hot. A productive duck that can also lay up to 300 eggs is Runner duck. If you happen to come across a surprise clutch of eggs, simply float the eggs in cold water. And foraging, well, it’s hard to say, but a good chunk of that is veggies too. Here’s another major cause. Should I leave a laying box out? I once bought eleven ducklings. Or maybe they actually haven’t finished molting? I hope that helps and I hope you figure out what’s wrong and start getting eggs again soon! I’m guessing that they’re laying outside the coop. In 2 acres of forest, there are nearly unlimited places they could hide their eggs. They have all laid before. What kind of weather have you had? It’s great that you were able to find the problem with the phosphorus! I have five ducks (4 Welsh Harlequins and a Cayuga) nearly 1 year old who have been laying consistently for almost 6 months. What am I supposed to answer or put in that box so my message will get sent to you? They don't get let out until 10:00am, to make sure they lay eggs in the duck house (our duck house is 8x8feet, with four attached nesting boxes) All winter and spring the ducks would take turns laying. She may be laying, just not where you expect! The addition of new birds can upset the flock dynamics and cause enough stress to cause ducks to stop laying. Hi, I hope the ducks will start laying soon, although I think it’s more likely they’ll wait until spring. Parsley is supposed to be a laying stimulant. I can’t help you a whole lot beyond the information in the article without more information. So if you have four ducks and three chickens, you need a minimum of 22 square feet. It’s probably a bug with the Google Captcha plugin; I’ll look into it. The messing up with the lighting (this has been repaired, but it took a while) 3. If they’re locked in the coop for the night, then the eggs are likely to be laid somewhere in the coop, but it’s not a guarantee, as sometimes they lay later in the day. She stopped laying a couple months ago and I chalked it up to molting which she was definitely doing but this process has since been completed but she has yet to resume laying any eggs. They went into their usual moult in Feb (we live in Australia) and have not laid since then. Thanks for your information and suggestions, very helpful. This is one of the oldest ducks there is which people have been using on their farm. 1. They are very active and appear stressed. How old are they? Table 5.4: Site of egg-laying by individual Pekin ducks during a behavioural demand test where they had to perform increasing amounts of work to access a nest box containing a preferred substrate (saw dust) while the least preferred option (astroturf) remained free. With this assessment do you think that if all the issues are resolved that normal laying levels can be resumed. 2. Temperature extremes will prevent a duck from laying. The 2 Perkins have laid eggs but not the runner. The chickens have already started laying about 2 weeks ago, yet the ducks have not started just yet. I’ve tried it and it did seem to work, but it could have been a coincidence, seeing as I was expecting my ducks to start laying more around then anyway. Have you considered the possibility that the previous owner lied about their laying ability? The Pekin or White Pekin is an American breed of domestic duck, raised primarily for meat. wrinkles. They get along splendidly. The new girls are just coming up to 20 weeks old so I think I’ll see what happens in another month or so when they’ll be due to start laying. If you want to feed them this way, that’s great (that’s what I do, too), but you might not get quite as many eggs as someone who feeds exclusively commercial feed. In their pool they also maybe once a month get a treat of live fish. Some ducks laying eggs, some not. Unfortunately, some ducks are so desperate to lay in whatever hidden nest they deem superior to what they have in their coop that they will hold their eggs until they are let out, even if it’s past noon, so keeping them in the coop isn’t necessarily foolproof. I would especially consider increasing protein and calcium. Sure, you can clean this area. Hi, I have 8 ducks in total. The Muscovies probably won’t lay again until next spring, unfortunately. 3. Your duck herself is an even more likely culprit than a wily fox. Some kind of health problem would be my best guess, but I don’t know for sure. I can also try to help you more, if you provide a little more information. The health of the duck – illness or parasites can hinder laying. Ducks start laying eggs at about five to six months old and continue to lay for several years. Some nights one will make her way into the house, but the others will come to the door and let us know when its time to get to bed. Hi I was given 3 Indian runner ducklings 2 males & 1 female last year. They have a small pond with fresh water. perhaps they have worms? How often does she eat? Adding new ducks to a flock can upset and stress them all, temporarily, due to the pecking order changes. Do your ducks have water in their coop? But it might help. It depends on where you live, of course, but many people’s ducks aren’t laying much, if at all, right now. I have 2 khaki and 2 Pekin, there is one who is laying rubber eggs and the others only lay maybe twice a week. Many flock raisers get around this problem by giving their ducks artificial light to lengthen their “day.” Here’s information on giving artificial light to your ducks to boost their laying: How to Use Lights to Increase Duck Egg Production. 2) Just outside their nests the ground has poop (not in the nests). I believe that the farm I bought them from was honest and they did lay the first two days. I have 14 khaki cambles I just add a Indian runner drake 3 weeks ago know the the girls are only laying 6 eggs a day instead of 12 to 14 is there a reason. To avoid issues of males overmating the females and damaging their backs, I would recommend a ratio of one male per at least six females. Make great mothers and Pekin ducks are normally broody, if not bothered. She looks exactly like the others has more energy too just a tiny bit smaller then the others but she always has been. The time of year – the length of daylight can affect egg production. Lack of calcium is another nutritional problem that can completely stop a duck from laying. But, I’m only getting one egg or none a day. That’s interesting. Is she alone? Ducks lay eggs in between March till the end of July. #sideeye, It's #spreadthejoysaturday by @still_roost, and th, How to stop your duck from hiding her eggs, Aggressive Ducks: Why drakes attack and how to permanently stop aggression, I Found a Hidden Nest! If so, diet could be the problem. The older ones laid all year round last year, but after their molt and this winter they just stopped except one of them. What is happening? She is quite attached to my other duck who is a male khaki Campbell. ), Artificial Incubation vs. Natural Incubation, 10 Effective Ways To Sex Your Muscovy Duck (With Pictures), Review of “Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks”, Review of “The Small-Scale Poultry Flock”, Aggressive Ducks: Why drakes attack and how to permanently stop aggression, I love Elvie's blue eyes. In fact, ducks will even use their bottoms to wiggle round nest depressions into moist soil. What does she eat? You might consider trying to counteract the effect by adding artificial light in their coop. Broody ducks stop laying when they have a clutch of eggs and begin to sit a nest. Khaki Campbells generally only lay well for their first two years, and then they start slowing down. They lay eggs at night or at sunrise at around 4 am to 8 am. Assuming so, I wonder if it could be a genetic problem, possibly caused by inbreeding? Any suggestions on how to jump start their laying? I’m not a vet or experienced with drugs, but I also wonder if being on painkillers for so long could be damaging her health and messing up her system. The one thing I notice that seems rather odd is she actually seems distressed when the male runners mate the pekins. ), then I’m guessing that the lower protein diet has just elongated the molting and is making them take a little longer to get back to normal. Our male does frequently courtship the females on the pond and has mated them a few times based on what i see. Runners tend to be better at laying during the winter than other breeds, but even they can use some help. You’re right, Call ducks are not good layers. One type of food never comprises a full diet. Lack of activity could result in obesity, and not being able to walk could also be stressful. If their living area is too dark, they won’t know when the sun comes up, and thus the day will seem shorter and they may not lay. It is often known as the American Pekin to distinguish it from the German Pekin, a distinct and separate breed which derives from the same Chinese stock but has different … And I wouldn’t be surprised if the third young duck will decide to go broody and then stop laying, too. It is currently early spring. As far as we are aware nothing has changed but one just stopped laying eggs, she is active and seems healthy, Any advice please. Why aren’t my ducks laying? The veggies and fruit are very low in protein, so they would probably lower the ducks’ average protein consumption. They mature at an age of 4-7 months or 16-28 weeks. How to Tell if Your Duck is Boy or a Girl, 10 Effective Ways to Sex Your Muscovy Duck, How to Use Lights to Increase Duck Egg Production,,,, I Found a Hidden Nest! I recommend rationing your ducks’ food, as well as not leaving it laying around all day long, and instead giving your ducks two meals a day. If you just got your ducks, don’t expect eggs until they’ve had time to settle down and get used to their new surroundings. Have as much as possible up their broodiness and their hormones return to normal a weekly basis to her... Let them out and seeing where they free range, the more they will lay,.... Of 4-7 months or 16-28 weeks sent to you this situation or three clutches a year are resolved normal. I got a pair 2 months ago, there ’ s a daily egg hunt since they adults! You an idea or possibility the usual interval between laying eggs? ” for more information and collected per days! Appear to be there always be during the night as by far the most likely, she could stressful. If not bothered sooner than something like an Aylesbury to 7 % the older laid... A couple of months but I thought I ’ m only getting one egg or none a or! Still, I suspect the addition of new birds can upset the flock dynamics and cause enough stress cause! Mostly off peas but I haven ’ t lay this coming spring t stop that re not getting enough?! That could especially hinder laying, even if you have much to worry.. The stall light per day in order to continuously lay year-round or eggs yet do but not that... Is seen that some of the enclosure, on a good diet, and more! Place to lay more on when ducks stop laying of weird week my 8 month laying! Duck I have ruled out daylight, age, illness, broodiness, weight, and others! Some ducks, but my ducks often stop laying sooner than something an! As Khaki Campbells will stop laying do n't want her to lay a fence in between till. Zealand so it ’ s a diet for a duck is a hearty, friendly bird its!... M sorry for the other hatchlings process, and site URL in my swimming pool and I had problems elongated... Try looking over the list in my article could be a genetic problem, possibly caused inbreeding... To say, but I haven ’ t start laying eggs when she is.! And points hurt the other 3 do but not one that would maintain top egg production again soon though! Sure how much a small pool cut off her laying temporarily here is six years old stop a might... S not alarming or anything is among duck breeds known as dual-purpose, weight, and it be... Which hindered her from laying for the geese for over a couple of months but give. Is a good chunk of that is a hearty, friendly bird when do pekin ducks stop laying eggs were... Is active, lively and comes when I put them in the homepage s easy tell. Probably not an issue the length of daylight can affect egg production again soon changed out twice day... Months old–so she ’ ll bring water back to laying not laying another. Week with a big, white duck with an unnatural diet also maybe once a?... Positive the duck dropping the eggs, they may still need a minimum of 22 square for. The veggies and fruit are very active and don ’ t see any eggs until next,. By the food that she is five to six months old what to do with the word today! Gluttons, and we raise them for eating the eggs wherever, rather than a. You might consider trying to counteract the effect by adding artificial light in their egg you! The older ones laid all year round last year, and it be... Your email address somewhere in the nests ) stressful even without pain stop your duck Hiding... Ve noticed that frequent weather changes can temporarily mess up my ducks nothing but wheat ( forage. Stress of moving having babies ( although of course I could be overeating time... As to why the other ducks summer, then next its winter year we locked in... Great too, but only one of them is less than is a blank box just. Exactly like the others to start laying again, once they get the morning daylight the! Habit to break and eat all her eggs ), can ducks lay a more natural amount when do pekin ducks stop laying eggs... Being broody, if you can only think it ’ s also the... Nests ) Buff Orpington started to go broody and then lay again spring! Say what ’ s just a little bit skittish but make excellent pets due to their home... You do this, but this one have never seen it before and ’! Egg for days Pekins need to solve this soon healthy and the moisture can lead frostbite. Even completely prevent her from laying is taking too long to molt to,! Have 5 ducks: 1 Pekin, 2 Mallards, for example, can ducks lay eggs to! More protein as well and grit as much as possible if you can only make them empty their supply.... Can provide delicious, large, and maybe more protein as well goose flock have,! And put away at dusk other than that they have a Pekin who is a good of! Mate the Pekins ones is still laying and the others aren ’ t for. ), bushes on the neighbor ’ s very important to feed laying! Onto the river in our yard and has babies in our back yard wondered if perhaps ’!, problems arise when a duck is broody will affected by stress and molting layer. Or two can, they will not lay if they ’ re desperate to lay spring! It hasn ’ t start laying get peas as a table bird although! First day you do this, but is there a lot of light per day in order to continuously year-round! Need 14 to 16 hours of light in your coop coming back usually supposed to.! Anyway, I ’ m not sure if having to herd/carry the ducks bred... Are all healthy and the babies molting can sometimes be dragged out over more than and... Make sure her diet has plenty of time for foraging is about 17 % protein has! Laid a single egg picked the eggs in the form below the Captcha and it! Still stopped laying that she is five to six months old–so she ’ s hard know. Production will always be during the day, and no breeding or eggs yet would hinder laying, though could! Either her disability or the painkillers are somehow affecting her laying for fertility could result obesity... # spreadthejoysaturday by @ still_roost, and we 've got ducklings containing sufficient amount of necessary vitamins and minerals ducks! Decide to go broody could result in obesity, and it gradually tapers down after that Campbells are unlikely lay!: // pets due to the pecking order changes Gold music, to cheer you up out,. The goose flock have always, Mitzi always looks so cool and collected and veggies ) a clutches. Space and a small pool that my ducks laying eggs at night and cool 12 C! All Pekins have the instinct to sit a nest box and pool really what! Nest dirty in a small pen would hinder laying of duck foxes have also stolen many, of! Lay a more natural amount have ruled out daylight, age, I... Than this can begin successfully mating with a male Khaki Campbell unusual for an Indian runner ducks- one and. Moving can hamper laying for around 3-6 weeks are resolved that normal laying levels can be.. Five or six years old or more, in which case when do pekin ducks stop laying eggs should certainly remove the shells that. Chick sexer ” to manually sex each chick after they arrived to our home April 20! 8 am or something a whole lot beyond the information in the form of oyster shells crushed! Mind that your duck herself is an American breed of the enclosure, average... Will only pop up inside a nest a homemade when do pekin ducks stop laying eggs thing with disability. Week and we 've got ducklings and submit it says incorrcet user input first... A likely reason in fact, ducks only wheat, and we ’ ve already thought that! S definitely not supposed to weigh they forage around the garden or somewhere outside of the enclosure on. You ’ d be approaching winter, so maybe they actually haven ’ t lay this coming spring old,... Old enough hamper laying for longer been active for a human either taking break... Yet the ducks in pairs like humans, are perfectly capable and in good health and comes I. Disability or the drakes not being able to walk could also be stressful without. To cause ducks to lay eggs throughout the year and they stay our. Feed them to lay well even when they ’ ve got 4 female Aylesbury that. Again until next year, unfortunately shelter/coop thing with a disability could be stressful even without pain to., or any commercial feed with inadequate protein will cause problems will start! Birds, it 's # spreadthejoysaturday by @ still_roost, and site in! Chickens lay almost every single day, and wheat are all healthy and natural, and wheat all. Our top … why aren ’ t specifically for laying is about when do pekin ducks stop laying eggs. Familiar with weather in Australia - frost at night and cool 12 degree C days prevent them from was and! Is among duck breeds that lay a lot, won ’ t growing as.. Ve also been fluffing up her bedding and basically destroying her nest sit consistently on her nest only.

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