Monzo’s mission is to provide you with an alternative to the banking of the past. Job. Everything goes through Slack, so everything is visible. It’s fantastic to be passionate about your work, to have a sense of purpose, and to buy into the mission. This includes engineering proposals as well. To ensure that Monzo can both grow and stay in control, we’re looking for a pragmatic, collaborative, and ambitious Technology Risk Manager to join our second line of defense Operational Risk team. Engineering managers should be careful with the brilliant jerk behavior. We've built these things into our wider culture by using our engineering skills to create tools. (Podcast + Blog post). Interview. We have a strong culture of data-driven decision making across the whole company. I love how these gently nudge people to live out the key company values. Roughly starting with a catch-up, I like to know about the engineer's life outside of Monzo so I'll start with this, as well as getting a progress update on their work. Interview. Organising teams and managing engineers The way we organise our teams and manage the people in them is crucial to our success as a company. Principal Product Manager at Monzo, formerly; Product Manager & Head of Operations at Jukedeck (acq. Insider insights from the team building the bank of the future. Our Financial Services Register number is 730427. The emoji shows whether our one-to-one was remote, in the office, or at a coffee shop or restaurant. Based on 1 salaries posted anonymously by Monzo Bank Senior Engineering Manager employees in London. Tech leads can lead by example; they can come at these conversations from another angle. As part of this I share the agreed actions with the engineer on Slack as a nudge to get them done. 7 Interview Reviews. Experience 7 Ratings. Engineering Manager, Storage Platform: Monzo Bank Limited : London, England: Senior People Partner (HRBP) Monzo Bank Limited : London, England: Strategy Associate (San Francisco) Monzo Bank Limited : San Francisco, CA: Risk and Control Manager (Money Collective) Monzo Bank Limited : London, England: But taking a step back to look at the culture, to look at the role it plays, and to look at how you can grow people around you is important for your toolbox. In the interview phase, we check if our values are aligned, and we try to understand what a candidate could bring to our culture that may challenge us in a positive way. Careers at Monzo Mission. It leads to people trying to cover their backs, and you end up having a culture that doesn’t facilitate great work. We want people to ask questions and grow as engineers, because technology changes so fast; it's impossible to know everything. I use a simple template that I've made public. All one-to-ones are booked in on a repeating schedule so that we don't forget to do them. It’s easy to get complacent and recruit new engineers, and things change. Position. Future me always thanks me for this! It’s also a lot of work to build or change, so you can’t have it down by next week from zero. Average salary for Monzo Bank Engineering Manager in Uk: £88,618. 1 year 9 months . When I was running a consultancy business, I experienced different types of engineering cultures. Click here to learn about integrating diversity into recruitment! You will be the first Engineering Manager (and the first in-house technical hire) so you'll have a lot of scope to shape the engineering culture and architecture. More than 70 engineers work at Monzo, across all areas of the business. At Monzo we aim to build the best current account in the world.We are looking for engineering managers to join us and help us grow into a world-class engineering organisation both technically and interpersonally. Every engineering manager has their own way of preparing for and running one-to-ones. On-site interview 1. We've seen many different viewpoints, especially on social media, about what it means to work hard, to be successful and how much of yourself you should give. Everything I've written here relates to running a regular catch-up or check-in type one-to-one. Monzo Bank Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (No. Enrique heeft 6 functies op zijn of haar profiel. For context, our tech leads are individual contributors, not managers. For us engineering managers, the one-to-one holds even more significance, as they're one of the main tools we use to support and develop our world class engineers. Obviously, we’re looking out for dangerous misalignments, and naturally, we look at technical qualifications too. Alberto tiene 5 empleos en su perfil. I *try* to listen more than I speak (a work in progress), take lots of notes and where appropriate, I'll ask questions, provide challenge and - if asked - offer my thoughts and opinions. Culture can be influenced from different dimensions. Work. They have a very large team that's between 1001-5000 employees. I interviewed at Monzo Bank in February 2017. Free interview details posted anonymously by Monzo Bank interview candidates. The average Monzo salary ranges from approximately £22,305 per year for Operations Associate to £89,450 per year for Senior Engineering Manager. It’s different if you suddenly need to make a big cultural change. My background is in Front End engineering, mainly working on web-based trading platforms for financial services businesses, but I’ve worked as a JavaScript engineer and led teams across many different companies. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. The impact you have one on one, talking to others directly, whether they are your peers or reports, has a big role in that. Our small coffee budget covers this nicely ☕️. Very good online application with plenty of relevant/challenging questions on … They started in 2019 with 1.3 million customers, and by the end of the year, they had reached 3.6 million. This isn’t a checklist – it’s possible to progress up a level without showing all the behaviours in that level. Engineering managers at Monzo regularly get together to share knowledge and learn from each other. Monzo is an incredibly fast-growing FinTech company. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Monzo Bank, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. Engineering Manager Monzo, London. The first is “mastery,” which is the technical skills we expect of engineers at certain stages in their career. There's also a section for the engineers to give me feedback after our one-to-one's finished. Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank Iceland 402 connections. They may bring a lot of negativity and have a negative impact on the culture. Senior Engineering Manager* Monzo. As the company has grown, we’ve had to formalize this, because having 20 engineers is different from having 200. Join to Connect Monzo Bank. Next are points for discussion. This allows fabricating and constructing curved shapes in … Average. They started in 2019 with 1.3 million customers, and by the end of the year, they had reached 3.6 million. She’s also responsible for the web as a discipline at Monzo. I've experimented with different tools (Google Docs, Trello) and have settled, for the time being, on Notion. Monzo is an incredibly fast-growing FinTech company. Job Description: We're growing extremely fast and have close to five million customers in the UK, with over 100,000 new people joining every month. Joel Overton The process took 4+ weeks. Engineering at Monzo There are 13 iOS at Monzo, and we're looking to grow the discipline to 25 people over the course of the year. Difficulty. Monzo's looking for Engineering Managers to grow and develop Monzo engineering talent and build inclusive, high-performing interdisciplinary teams. More than 70 engineers work at Monzo, across all areas of the business. Free interview details posted anonymously by Monzo Bank interview candidates. Sign in to save Internal Audit Manager - Platform and Engineering at Monzo Bank. Monzo Bank is hiring a Senior Engineering Manager in London. Some of the information we get is anonymous and it's aggregated; we encourage people to give direct feedback, and we have tools for that. If people don't feel safe, they start pointing fingers and throwing blame over things going wrong. I keep each document on the engineer's page so we can both see and access it. Learn more about scaling your engineering culture! It looks like there's a lot on the agenda, but we rarely cover every point. These are about talking, listening, communicating the benefits and getting people to buy in. It generally only takes a few minutes, but it's worth it to help prepare for the next one-to-one. They work closely with engineering managers to find opportunities for their reports. Do they see themselves as an individual or as part of a team? He worked as a Design Mechanical Engineer for Schulmberger and as a Business Development Manager for Agilent Technologies. Job email alerts. A one-to-one is a meeting between two people. Very good online application with plenty of relevant/challenging questions on you and why you would be appropriate for the role. Every morning I make a one-to-one document for each of the engineers I'm meeting that day. Apply Now We’re looking for Engineering Managers to grow and develop our engineering talent and build inclusive, high-performing interdisciplinary teams. Her role is to sit on the leadership team representing engineering and operations. He is a Registered California Professional Civil Engineer. Apply for Monzo jobs. Companies that embrace these values tend to do well. Chalmers University of Technology. They’re developers who are fantastic at their job but completely unable to work with others. This way, everyone can see what's going on. At Monzo I was responsible for scaling engineering within the COps Collective, which then grew into Operations Collective (covering our customer support, financial crime, and more. I'd love to hear your thoughts, opinions, suggestions or take aways. We get the people who work together in a room, and we go through a set of questions to see what aspects of their work they consider healthy or unhealthy. It's important for people to share these messages at scale. Since joining Monzo as an engineering manager at the start of December I've experienced a huge amount. Fanni Karolina Tóth from Coding Sans interviewed Sally Lait, Senior Engineering Manager at Monzo on how they handle engineering culture. It's meant to be helpful. Join to Connect Monzo Bank. I give each one-to-one document a date and an emoji. We also explain communication expectations, or the influence on their peers and leadership. Our Data team's mission is to Enable Monzo to Make Better Decisions, Faster and at the core of this mission sits our data platform. Apply to Bank of New jobs now hiring in Enfield on, the world's largest job site. You can also influence it on a group level, and you can look on an even wider scale, like disciplines across the company. For each document, I fill in the date, location and set the emoji. In this podcast you'll learn how to improve your engineering culture and what red flags to look for. Average. For example, if you break something in production, we focus on fixing the process that lets you get to that point, rather than blaming the person. With 500 people, you likely haven’t even met everyone, let alone gotten on the same page about cultural expectations. I check the previous one-to-one document and notes to determine the theme of the upcoming one-to-one, and I copy across the actions from the previous one-to-one to discuss with the engineer. See More ^ … Monzo Bank Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the PRA. Competitive salary. We’ve been working to empower everybody to realize they can be a leader when it comes to culture, even if they don't consider themselves leaders. We use Coordinators to ensure we can re-use screens wherever possible, and avoid tightly coupling one screen to another. We do not ask for formal qualifications or degree requirements for any of our engineering roles. (Podcast + Blog post). Do they understand the impact of their actions. The point is that they're formed to solve a problem. A great example is when one of the senior engineers gave a talk about everything they broke at production at our very first lightning talk session. But you should be able to go home and enjoy life as well. Engineering Manager, Data Platform. History. Report this profile Activity New to Monzo Plus: see your Amex transactions and balance in Monzo Liked by Elin Osp Vilhjalmsdottir. Top Jobs at Monzo Bank; Monzo Bank Customer Operations Jobs; Monzo Bank Backend Engineer Jobs; Monzo Bank Software Engineer Jobs; Monzo Bank Engineering Manager Jobs; By Location; Monzo Bank Jobs in Dublin; Related Companies; Revolut Jobs; Amazon Jobs; Google Jobs; Jobs Tips; 7 Job Hunting Tips For When Businesses Aren’t Hiring; How to Write a CV Telephone screen 3. We have our feedback tools, monitoring tools and so on. Our Storage team provides engineers at Monzo a reliable, secure, durable set of database storage solutions, utilising AWS services or locally hosted Cassandra clusters. Every day, Monzo and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium. Then I share it with the engineer on Slack. It keeps pay fair and helps in setting goals for progression. For instance, if you were to decide people aren’t allowed to work from home anymore, their situations, their workflow, and their lives would be disrupted. We try to measure it, and as managers, we have a general awareness on the state of our engineering culture. At Monzo, you’ll be responsible for: Setting the long term roadmap for your squad; defining, managing, and driving large-scale programs of work from … It’s a subject of constant change. Apply now on AngelList. On-site interview 1. Then you should look at the practical things you can do and prioritize which aspects have the most impact. As an iOS engineer at Monzo you'll work in a small, autonomous product squad alongside Android Engineers, Backend Engineers, User Researchers, Product Designers, Product Managers, QA Testers, and Business Analysts. They work alongside others within a similar problem space; it’s what we call a collective. Their engineering culture is well-known in the industry for being one of the best. Forgot password? We frequently discuss this on our weekly all hands with executive level managers. Lara Hogan has an excellent blog post about manager handoffs. Daybridge, a productivity and time management app by former Monzo engineer Kieran McHugh, has picked by £750,000 in a seed round led by early Monzo backer, Passion Capital. The main thing for me is to be mindful of the culture you want. Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank Iceland 402 connections. Do they care about the people they work with? Click here to learn about managing your team to maximize happiness! It’s a tough one to manage. OVO Energy have kindly offered to host the … I also ask the engineer to add anything they'd like to discuss and anyone they'd like to recognise to the agenda. 1. At Monzo we aim to build the best current account in the world. Squads are cross functional as well, so they might have a product manager, back-end engineers, web UI people, or mobile engineers with a mixture of designers, user researchers, etc. Slack is an important tool from a cultural point of view as well. Free interview details posted anonymously by Monzo Bank interview candidates. We don't always have one in every squad. Diversity and inclusion is a priority for us – if we want to solve problems for people around the world, our team has to represent our customers. I also colour code them RED in Google calendar so that I can quickly identify my one-to-ones and know that I can't move them or book over them. Online application 2. Initially ‘Mondo’, Monzo is a U.K. based digital, mobile-only bank founded in February 2015 and launched in October of the same year by five radical visionaries who want to change how we perceive and experience banking in the 21 st Century. It’s genuinely the best place and the best engineering culture I've worked with. Interview with Sally Lait, Senior Engineering Manager at Monzo. Top employers. We've had to get explicit about defining the culture we want. My name’s Sam and I’ve been an Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank for just over a year. London, United Kingdom. The problem is that cultural fit is intangible. During the one-to-one, we'll often agree we should focus on a specific theme or talk about something during our next one-to-one. At Monzo, you'll get to work with industry standard tools and technologies - and help us define what great looks like for iOS engineers. Check out this podcast to learn how to get your first 100 days right at a new company as a tech leader! It may be about making mistakes, not finishing on time, or anything else. Engineering Manager Monzo Bank April 2019 – Present 8 months. Interviews at Monzo Bank. We introduced this system in 2019, because we needed to refine the engineering structure as we grew. The other agenda points are useful, and I usually raise them if we haven't covered them for a while. Examples include: Manager handovers happen rarely and they aren't technically a one-to-one. We’re particularly looking for people who would love to work with our Growth and Data teams. Engineering Manager, Storage Platform at Monzo (View all jobs) We're looking for an Engineering Manager to lead our Storage team (database solutions). It’s great when senior engineers share their knowledge, experience, and make everyone feel safe along with them. Posted 18 days ago See Details. I applied online. Job Title: Engineering Manager, Storage Platform. Monzo jobs is easy to find. ‎Interview with Sally Lait, Senior Engineering Manager at Monzo. Engineering managers at Monzo regularly get together to share knowledge and learn from each other. We are actively creating an equitable environment for all of our engineers to thrive. We build our customer support software in-house. In this post I wanted to capture some of what I've been up to, and what I'm looking forward to next. In our model, we have squads, teams, and even larger units called collectives. The first thing is to see where you stand, and how people feel. Alejandro (Alex) Manzo, PE, President, obtained a Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1996. I’m a Product Manager at Monzo. Based on 4 salaries posted anonymously by Monzo Bank Engineering Manager employees in Uk. Start your new career right now! Their engineering culture is well-known in the industry for being one of the best. 3 Monzo Bank IOS Engineer interview questions and 3 interview reviews. Career conversations happen a couple of times a year and help you and the engineer you manage to align on their motivations, goals and career aspirations. Here’s some stuff I’ve done. The things you naturally do, the unspoken rules and expectations, work well with a team of 5 where you all know each other. When I've done too many one-to-ones with an engineer in the office, the emojis give me a visual nudge that we need to get outside for a more relaxed coffee, breakfast or lunch. The average Monzo salary ranges from approximately £22,305 per year for Operations Associate to £89,450 per year for Senior Engineering Manager. And that's how I run my one-to-ones. Applied Online. You better have your engineering culture and trust built up enough to be able to pull something like this. Report this job; Our Internal Audit team is growing and we're looking for an Internal Audit Manager to join the team and help build out the function. Our Data team's mission is to Enable Monzo to Make Better Decisions, Faster and at the core of this mission sits our data platform. Email or phone. One of our senior engineers built the Guys bot, which pings up on Slack if anybody uses the word “guys.” It’s not an inclusive phrase. My reply was the same as it always is – I honestly couldn’t be … The process took 4+ weeks. We have other squads working on things like scheduling or machine learning, and so on. 1 year 9 months. In this podcast you'll learn how to improve your engineering culture and what red flags to look for. Bank of New Zealand. Gabor Zold is a content marketer and tech writer, focusing on software development technologies and engineering management. New On … Recently we discussed how we run our one-to-ones! As an engineer, speaking to our customers really reminds us who we’re writing software for, and helps us understand how they’re using Monzo every day. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. They're mainly there as prompts if we're ever struggling for topics. If it's a low level, foundational thing, the change will take a while, and you take everyone for a journey to get to the result. Matt Heath is an engineer at Monzo, where he works on Monzo's microservice platform and payment services. We're looking for an Engineering Manager to lead, with a TPM, our Data Platform team. About this Event TekCurious have partnered with Innovecom to deliver this next meet-up with OVO Energy and Monzo. Monzo Bank focuses on Mobile, Financial Services, Finance, Banking, and Finance Technology. We have been growing quickly, with over 4 million customers in the UK. It’s intangible, so you can’t just go through a checklist. Anything you need from me before our next one-to-one. One-to-one themes can vary. Within the ops collective, the main domain is customer support. Monzo is my third Engineering Management job. You can’t just let it go because they deliver great code. Monzo Bank Engineering Manager Interview Questions. We ask questions like how they feel about the office, the level of management spot they’re getting, happiness with the type of work or their pay. Fast & Free. Goal setting one-to-ones take place at least once a quarter and are one of the main ways we help engineers develop their careers. We're building a bank, together. Technical lead Bank of New Zealand January 2018 – … Detalhes de entrevista gratuitos publicados de forma confidencial por Monzo Bank candidatos. Password Show. If your view as a manager isn’t in line with the company values, you have a wider problem to solve. Senior Engineering Manager Monzo - London, GB. The CASTonCAST system consists in designing and producing architectural freeform shapes from precast stackable components. Save . So, tech leaders have an important part to play in creating a positive engineering culture. But the most common kind of one-to-one is the catch-up.

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