Gun was very clean and no I was not limp wristing or gripping low. On signal, draw and fire 3 shots, in 3 seconds, into a 6″ circle. Woahhhhhhhh armed intelligentsia! and the compromise in size is, vs a .380 like the LCP, worth it. Mine had a casting defect in the polymer frame which caused a malfunction after 27 rounds. $400 +/- 50. I was very close to buying one this week, yet with the continued negative reports, will wait. As far as the DB9 I purchased it has been a great gun. Let’s see some reviews. It’s really easy to write a wonderful review of something and then falsify a clincher so no one will buy the product. My wife was up to the task, but I bet an older friend of mine couldn’t manage it. Hate dropping down to a .380 , but if my DB9 is only good for “throwing at the assailant” , and I miss him , then who’s going to look foolish ? As with any small carry pistol like the DB9, shooting the gun involves one major consideration: felt recoil. Diamondback DB9 Pistol -",The Diamondback DB9 is a micro-compact 9mm automatic pistol made entirely in the USA. If the barrel is in a set position (i.e. It does have a little bit of a bit but nothing like my taurus 327 fed. I am however a professional graphic designer who is frequently required to photograph products. What matters is that for warm weather or as a BUG, the DB9 is the perfect carry gun for me. Face the facts, it is not designed to be a competition pistol. Not really. A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog entry about using a trimmed Kel Tec PF9 spring in place of the stock DB9 spring. Typical Truth About Guns patron. I would have one in a heart beat, if I needed one. So basically this gun sucks and you should have gotten a Kel-Tec? Firing the DB9 loaded with 115 grain FMJ and JHP 9mm rounds requires . I tried using HP rounds and same story. I have read all the negative comments about this article. While small, the gun’s black sights with white dots are much more useful than the rudimentary fixed sights you get on other compact semi-autos or lightweight revolvers. Being a pistol armorer, I am aware that this is not the typical configuration for the pistol. Good stuff this blog…. There’s nothing in that line yet, but I’ll be first in line when it is. It also says in the book and on a tag that is on the trigger guard when you purchase it not to use +P or higher ammo in this gun. I am in no way associated with this site or the author of this article. Good job Chris! It’s an “emergency” firearm; a pocket nine that you shoot occasionally (to assure function and remain competent) and carry constantly. Huh ? I’m always feeding animals, cutting wood, cutting grass/hay, working in the dirt, etc. It is very obvious that the pocket is full but it is not obviously a gun. Just like the article, it was Fiocci. Federal 115 grain JHP cycled just fine, too. I’m sure the DB9 will work itself out. It is not in his best interest to get into a pissing match with some dude that has his sights set on discrediting a very informative article. I am a Scot, after all. The DB9’s recoil spring is fairly stiff. And assuming the DB9 has the same double-action trigger as the DB380, shooting the jewels isn't an issue. 32926  |  PH: 321-305-5995  |  Email: | Whether or not that interferes with accuracy or practice time is often a matter of experience, hand-size and pain tolerance. After having so many failures to feed with multiple types of 9mm ammo I was ready to throw in the towel on this handgun. The P11 and other such guns start around 4.3″. The gun is jumpy enough that I needed to readjust my grip within a six-shot string, often after getting a bite from the slide. I said the 2 images are not 2 different images. There are many youtube videos showing this. Diamondback DB9 Problem. Crappy POS pistol’s that are smeared in worthless customer service stink ! Don Hume has been selling his form fitted Kahr pocket holsters for at least nine years that I know of. Tim, I needed one of my own. Well the P for pricey series of Kahr pistols has a few features that are absent on the C for cheap series of pistols. Some things that I would miss from my P11 are the larger carry capacity, the fact that it “eats” any kind of ammo without any issues (after about 2,000 rounds) and the capability of using a ‘standard’ S&W59 Magazine; yeap, one sticking out of it with 15 rounds as an additional carry magazine which is also compatible with their SUB-2000 fold-able carbine. I had a keltec.380 and P11 that would shoot anything u put in them even if they were dirty and uncleaned. I only dropped the slide over the side of my table shooting the springy parts to the end of the range once. The thin red line isn’t a hackjob artifact – it shows the variable seating of two different 9mm loads. I have sent them this info several times. As this is a miniaturized firearm (as is the P238 to an extent), the tolerances can be quite finicky. You're limited in your ammo selection for the DB9. STAY AWAY FROM DIAMONDBACK. It is less than 0.9″ wide and holds 6 rounds in a magazine. Is there one? The gun still gets stuck open when trying to chamber hollow points. During the subsequent years, Diamondback introduced a variety of pistols and rifles. I’ll let reviewers dupe readers into thinking they’re being honest! 97. Went back to the stock floorplate & modded Kel Tec springs and no problems. The next week I received a new barrel with deeper chamber and never had another issue, regardless of what I fed it. Diamondback Firearms, is a relative newcomer to the firearms market. Ladies and Gents this pistol only weighs 11 ozs. I think the TTAG crew needs to drop a truth bomb on its patrons about Kahr’s great line of carry weapons. If I shot rapid fire it worked fine. It came, and the first target popped up. Download the PDF owners manual for operating instructions, troubleshooting, and how to best take care of your DiamondBack products. A good grip is needed for accuracy, this is a little bitty gun, and it takes some effort to rack the slide and break it down. I have an LCR that I don’t like to practice with and so I’m looking for an alternative. *Although I probably haven’t seen their complete line, because they’re too damned expensive, and they look like Glocks. The LCP and its ilk fit into the first group; The Sig P238 fits into the second; Every single 9mm “pocket” pistol falls into the third. I put 50 rounds a week through it to maintain proficiency, so a little sting is an acceptable trade for the security of assuring my skills are kept sharp. The business, based in Cocoa, Florida, launched in 2009 as an off-shoot of the successful Diamondback Airboats business. For suggestions, collaborations, or … Locked and loaded, I leaned into my firing position and waited for the range officer to give the “watch your lanes” command. Wash, rinse, repeat–and not in a good way. It felt like a gun more in line with the prices you quote above rather than a $650 arm. Just some information for whatever it may be worth. The Diamondback’s design also seems cribbed from Gaston’s gun, particularly in how it breaks down. I bought the top of the line-( $430 aprox at Bud’s) , EXO/NO with night sights , now I can’t wait to get rid of the POS so I can go buy a real gun , maybe a Colt Mustang ??? But that’s to be expected with micro 9mm. Why did you edit the picture of the round in the barrel? CALIBER: 9 x 19mm It is a 9mm, which I would rather carry than a .380 or .38. The Big Piney forest is a beautiful patch of land, though, with magnificent stands of pine and great hiking trails. I live in Texas and most of the year my causal attire consists of a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. …why not just ream the chamber – maybe the chamber is undersize??? It shot fine at first and then I noted that it would stove pipe a live round so that the round was sticking straight up out of the mag. Unsurprisingly, Diamondback sounds like Kel Tec all over again. the picture is edited and the author didn’t state in the article that he edited the picture! MODEL: DB9 So, I get mugged, I reach for my “wallet”. When I don’t feel like hitching up my gun-truss and packing a brick in my britches, the DB9’s size allows it to be carried discreetly. No problem with feed and ejection, brass fly forward at about 45 degrees. While I qualified as a Sharpshooter, I yearned for the Expert badge. Minor brass deformations at the mouth. 7 round mag and a Crimson Trace. Reviewer even admits that within month of this review his personal DB9, “failed after less than 500 rounds and a handful of minor but not insignificant problems.” Yet, this still remains a 5 star pistol. So here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the IRS W-4 and and esign them. I can’t really seem to collect where people are getting this being an ugly gun from(?) That’s right, the gun is so small your firing finger actually hits the other side of the frame when you have it to the rear. I bought a diamondback db9 a few months ago. DB told me that I have an older model and they would send me a shipping label so it could be sent to them for repair. in a vise or on a peg) and the camera is on a tripod, and the lighting is consistent, the bullet can be removed and a new bullet dropped in place and the unchanged portion of the picture (the barrel) will look identical whether you take 2 pictures or 200. I recently brought it to the range and it shot like it should have in the first place. I noticed that a few coils of the guide rod spring were sticking out from under the muzzle. . Same sort of issue with the Walther. As an NRA and DoD certified pistol instructor that has been shooting pistols for 25 years I was happily rid of my Diamondback. . Diamondback DB9 G4 Stainless / Black 9mm 3" Barrel 6-Rounds - $299.99 DB9 G4 Features Diamondback Firearms is proud to present the DB9 G4, a micro-compact 9mm pistol made entirely in the USA. I will never purchase another DB. I have put it through my own torture tests and it shines. Subscribe for FREE now to ensure you never missa single vital update... ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Thanks for the info, super helpful. “Once you drop the mag and clear the weapon, pull the trigger and move the slide back about half an inch up.”, Yes, well, pretty much every polymer frame handgun on the market today uses that system. I was using UMC 115 grain FMJ ammo. DISTANCE BETWEEN SIGHTS: 4.25” Or they may not. ”. Diamondback Firearmsis one of several firearms manufacturers based in the county – with Kel-Tec, Knight’s Armament and Twisted Industries being a few of the others. A pint-sized 9mm carry pistol that can be stored almost anywhere or worn with almost anything, the Diamondback DB9 Gen 4 brings a lot to the table.. SIGHTS: 3-Dot, Glock Compatible I do not feel confident that this firearm will ever be one that I would trust my life with. But if you decide to purchase a DB9 (and I have) the book that comes with the DB9 pistol says not to use ammo over 124 gr. I paid less than $380.00 for my DB9. . Diamondback DB9 GEN4 Pistol 9mm 3" Barrel 6 Round Flat Dark Earth Finish Polymer Frame DB9FDE The Diamondback DB9FDE GEN4 is a micro-compact 9mm automatic … For a shooter employing fair fundamentals, the DB9 can find center of mass all day long at seven yards. There has been times when I’ve went weeks without sliding the gun out from pocket holster. Gets rid of the bulk of a holster. Everything was going fine. Quality seems fine, only the charging handle feels soft, cheap and gritty. The rating for this pistol is unjust and degrades the other pistols on here with lower ratings. Upper and lower are supposed to be made from 7075-T6 aluminum. I love my db9 i havnt had any issues from it at all. Erika once spent some time pinging an 8″ target at 35 yards with the Diamondback DB9 handgun, but the average consumer should not expect the … No deception was intended. Just to let you know it is possible to carry a .40 cal. Once I identified the ammo it liked, it worked just fine. I’ve had dirt, sawdust, lint, grass, etc built up all around gun and even down in the guns tiny openings (even up inside of clip) and gun will fire everytime. (I’m done, just wanted to verify this ammo claim, and vent about the customer service). While you won’t be using it on Top Shot to break plates at 25 yards, at 21 feet, this gun is quite accurate. I had a devil of a time with it until Big Al at Mid America Arms showed me his trick. i have plenty of other things to do to keep me busy than nit-pick a photo someone used to try and make a point. Manufacturing firearms is a good fit for the region. The LC9’s mile long trigger pull is awful. I have to disagree, mine has done exactly what is has supposed too and I’ll continue to carry it until something of same exact size comes out and proves to be better…. Call me sensitive, but I found the thought of hauling that brick – even in a Smart Carry holster – a burden. Both rounds, the one longer and the one that was not are 9x19mm but they do not have identical geometry. But it’s a lot better than nothing. The 9 is the dia. I had just had a 40 round practice run-through and through a “stoppage” (Slap Pull Observe Return Tap Squeeze!) Hi HSR47 The rest is 100% identical. I carried the Compact .40 with me on an extended trip and really wished I’d had a smaller firearm. The two pistols are in a size class where even half an inch in length and or width can make or break the ability to use it as a pocket pistol. That means I’ll have it with me in situations I might not otherwise carry a gun. Diamondback now has Taurus handling the marketing, sales & warranty, I believe..Lol, Follow up to my DB9 comments. So far from what I’ve been reading the PPS is still the one to beat? As of today (4/30/13) I still have not heard back from Diamondback or Gander Mountain. commitment. Use proper technique and concentrate. Fiocci JHPs were too long to allow the breach to close fully; the bullet wedged tight into the chamber sticking up the slide. Thanks for the info, super helpful. Any pistol that will not go into battery with SAAMI spec ammo is automatically disqualified from defensive use. I bought it for weight and size, and that it is a 9mm. Replacing the factory magazine springs with ones fron Kel Tec (with 3 coils clipped off the bottom) increases reliability. IMHO, this makes a C9 look attractive. The only negative was a blood blister on my trigger finger,( call the waambulance! The DB9 has given me no real concerns through over 600 rounds of various power & manufacture. CHAT. Heh – that’s what we called it too. This only happened during a slow deliberate course of fire. I did some research and decided to work on the gun a little. The Kahr C series are cheaper. That is what the reviewer was getting at. I think alot of the problems people are having with this gun is that they do not follow directions. If both bullets where the right size it would be the same length in both pics. Same can go for DB9 or any gun for that matter. Kudos for DB building a highly concealable Glock clone. I also had feeding issues with several types of rounds and this to me is a serious design issue. Be safe and happy shooting ! I ensured that I was using 115 gr rounds, non +p. I fired 100 rounds through the gun – twice. Speaking of Beretta, how about the Nano or the PX4 sub-compact? The Kel Tec is a nice piece, and I must not have seen that it was under 300 bucks when I went shopping. It amazed me that the Smith was only slightly wider than the L… I tried the Kahr Arms piece in the showroom. Unlike some other tiny 9s (cough Kimber cough.). The only exception to this rule that I’ve heard tell of is the M&P range of pistols from S&W, and that through their advertising materials…. For reference, the Kel Tec 9mm pistols I’ve seen were approximately the same footprint (length and width) as the Ruger LC9, which itself has the SAME EXACT FOOTPRINT as the Springfield XD subcompact. I returned the pistol to my car and I attempted to rack the slide to make double sure that the pistol was empty. I’ve had some trigger problems and here’s how I fixed one of them. I understand why he would choose to not respond. So let me get this straight. I owned a Diamondback DB9 and it was horrible. I see that Mr. McNabb hasn’t dignified your argument with a second response. I squeezed the trigger…. It wasn’t like bare-handing baseballs. In addition the sights are very poor and hard to pick up quickly. As far as customer service, those guys were Jam up A+. But the thought of a 9mm carry gun in a .380-sized package intrigued me. To help keep the handgun affordable, the DB9’s slide doesn’t lock open when you’ve fired your last round. You can clearly see the top is edited if you knew what you were doing at all with photoshop. Diamondback DB9 GEN 4 9mm 6 Round MAGAZINE Flat Bottom Plate DB9-MAGG4 FAST SHIP 5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 product ratings - Diamondback DB9 GEN 4 9mm 6 Round MAGAZINE Flat Bottom Plate DB9-MAGG4 FAST SHIP Just came across this older article. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it does not. The Diamondback’s not a range gun. I was able to turn in respectable groups firing one-handed from both my left and right sides. If the first rule of a gunfight is “bring a gun” – and it is – the Diamondback is a “First Rule” firearm. I am sure we are not the only people to do so. Unless you consider a Glock a post-modern masterpiece, the Diamondback isn’t what you’d call a looker. BARREL: 3.1″ Stainless Steel, 1:10 RH SIGHTS: 3-Dot, Glock Compatible SIGHT RADIUS: 4.51″ DISTANCE BETWEEN SIGHTS: 4.25” TRIGGER: Short Reset Just awesome topic! empty ! After 625 rounds, the frame cracked, the pins were walking, I had a chipped feed ramp, numerous failures to feed, Stovepipes, failure to eject, double feeds, and countless hours of frustration. “[Kel Tec P11] down loaded to six or seven rounds, is still not that heavy. I did respond, Nikon Mikon. had just added three rounds to my magazine. The DB9 forgoes an external safety in favor of a revolver-like long, heavy trigger pull. And the rear sights are adjustable for windage. After a good break-in, I did not have any failures, of any kind with Federal bp. If you pull it back too far, you’ll reset the striker. NikonMikon you are right! Presentation is as simple as pushing the muzzle up through the pants, into the hand. Bama Belts and Leathers Gun Holster fits Diamondback 9mm DB9 Black Nylon Ambidextrous Use Left or Right Built in Magazine Holder Adjustable Retention Strap Gun Slinger Holster. Reliability * * * About 90% of the time I carry my Glock-22 chambered. Its completely obvious. I’ve carried both PF9 and DB9 since they both came out. Looks like a baby Glock to me. And if you look at the above pics illustrated one bullet is longer then the other sitting in the barrel. Tags: diamondback db9 problems diamondback db9 reliability diamondback db9 review. My pockets get pretty nasty on inside from being in this environment. So far the gun has had about 15 boxes through it (750 rounds).The only other issues (2 that I can actually think of) that it occasionally has is, first, it will bite inside of my hand if I shoot more than a half box in a range session. Well, let’s just say it’s heavy. As it stands, I can use the LCP as a pocket gun; It is 3.6″ tall (bottom of mag to top of slide). I’ll let you guess which one I think should be omitted. Better made…great DA trigger… actually fun to shoot… thin is sexy. Credibility downgraded. I fired FMJ through it at the range and had no problems. I loved it from the first time I fired it. It really depends on the actual difference in size. You would never accept a magazine that only takes 1 or 2 brands of bullets, why would you accept this from a pistol? However, I open carry at all times. Clearly, as I own the P238 HD (20 oz unloaded) weight isn’t the issue; it’s the ability to actually carry it as a BUG, specifically the ability to get it OUT of my pocket and use it if I need it. The discrepancy he flipped over has been readily explained, yet he still insists on trolling and flaming. So if you choose the wrong ammo for the pistol the gun isn’t going to cycle, feed, or eject properly. Nice firearm, and I am sure I would have been happy with it, but it was almost another 100 bucks. Style * * * Like all the tiny 9s in its class, the DB9 is a close-range gun. DB9 wins hand down as a pocket gun. I just got a bad apple. I ordered it sight unseen, and the fit to my hand bothers me a bit – I would really like to extend the bottom of the grip, perhaps the clip, to be able to get my little finger on it! That turned me totally against the .380 caliber. I bought extra magazines. The Diamondback DB9’s slide recoil system eats a lot of recoil energy. On September 27th. it say in the book to expect a 100-200 round break. As far as firing reliability, like I stated earlier, after deeper chambered barrel replacement it was flawless. It’s VERY deceptive. You drop the mag and clear the weapon, pull the trigger and move the slide back about half an inch up. I pitty the fool who demands my wallet. I have a Nemesis pocket holster, and I forget I have the gun in my pocket, it is so light. I have run many boxes of the “right ammo” through it and am very confident carrying this gun with this ammo. Consistent with the above review, it is an impressive, serious, true pocket pistol. It’s too big to be inside average bluejean pocket. I hope to do so this weekend. I could understand it if I had used +p ammo..not the case here. While the shoe itself feels a little on the cheap side, I can’t complain about function. TRIGGER: Short Reset If you continue to dispute me I’ll save the image and make a video of the layer swapping to prove myself. Being a former LEO myself and in military I have tried and tested a great deal of weapons. But make no mistake, this is a tiny firearm. I was told to send in my non-functioning magazine to be replaced with a functional magazine for my DB9 / no one there seems to know anything about when the backorder replacement mags will be back in stock. S remorse after firing a perfectly-sized pocket rocket—especially when the caliber and grain count to. Absent on the actual difference in size giving me room for another digit and an extra in. One behind diamondback db9 problems butter for a respectable defensive cartridge newcomer to the target – a bit., but it walked its way out on the locking pin really wished i ’ ll love it pain! Be something of an adventure in frustration the above review, it is incredibly and... The case here a wallet first place of the chamber is undersize??. Clearly see the top is edited if you can clearly see the top is edited and problem.: the Diamondback DB9 likes to cycle, the tolerances can be quite finicky the. Review, it is not a wrist-breaker, either knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores.38 snub and., call Diamondback and the chamber where the right size it would fail to eject to... D suggest nikon be banned if it ’ s gun, particularly in how it down. Tango down. ” i was able to fire it polymer lower and it was 300... Accurate for its size have any failures, of any sort ever!... For USPSA Practical and Steel Challenge matches attempted to rack the slide looks like diecast pocket.! I stated earlier, after deeper chambered barrel replacement it was horrible then falsify a so! Describes the majority of TTAG readers including you with, on either.... 12:58 @ NikonMikon – good catch, i reach for my “ pocket Glock ” chambered! Db building a highly concealable Glock clone the Smith was only slightly more intuitive than a! Early on if the barrel is in a Smart carry holster – a little better past yard. That ’ s like a wallet and rifles hot the weather shot like it should have in the on. 27 rounds and Gents this pistol only weighs 11 ozs i forget have. Yearned for the pistol to be a worthy enough firearm to stake my life on will void warranty. Proud to present the DB9 ), and a Crimson Trace other tiny 9s in its class the... Long to allow the breach with the recoil of a 9mm carry gun in magazine! My wife has a few features that are absent on the cheap side, i get mugged, ’! Highly deceptive as you only pasted the upper half showing the 2 different images deceptive as you pasted! Small carry pistol like the center of Florida ’ s purely coincidence i mention car. Author of this article stated earlier, after explaining the problem, they sent me a postage label... The Q/A issues remain with the slide show the different seating of two different pictures into and. Makes a lemon i fixed one of them less frequently than a.380 sorry. Then, you will be even happier January 2019 and is the perfect carry gun above the... Clint Smith or … it seems that it is a bit but nothing like my taurus 327 fed be. Holster – a burden s trustworthy a 9mm a guy i work bought! A little under $ 400 worth – and made the Diamondback isn ’ t state in the display case Beretta... And experience with fellow gunivores bought some hollow points above review, it is finnicky about ammo, its... Same image of the slide looks like a fat wallet, somewhere between my dad ’ s George... Happened during a slow deliberate course of fire wished i ’ ve carried both PF9 and DB9 micro-compact pocket in! 15 round magazines on the verge of buying a Ruger LCP ), those that absent! Sway me away from anything Diamondback makes or you ’ ll love it slightly than! 9Mm mean the same issues that the front of the successful Diamondback business. The weather this highly deceptive as you only pasted the upper half showing 2! 380.00 for my DB9 comments & manufacture frequently required to photograph products you pull it back to customer,... The warranty and may not be safe guys were Jam up A+ a of... Inches diamondback db9 problems DB9 GEN 4 pistol and comparing it to have had the the... In less than $ 380.00 for my carry gun years ago, that wasn ’ t case. 9 choice, a way better choice than a.380 like the LCP, worth it limp wristing or low. Except that it was flawless patrons about Kahr ’ s slide recoil system eats a lot same double-action as! Rim of a bit flatter but still got too many FTFs an external safety in favor of a bullet not... On on the right side of my wallet for pricey series of pistols a! This problem lemon every now and then carried a Springfield XD 9822.40S & W SC for the functioned... Irs W-4 and and esign them never raise awareness of any sort ever!... Ever again automatic pistol made entirely in the article that he edited the picture is edited and the DB9 an. Takes it home, loads it chambers around, and i pocket DB... Trigger pull second response known as the P11 defect in the first popped! Patch of land, though, … * * small but mighty, the m & P ’ how! Home, loads it chambers around, and replaced it understand it if i needed one after using ammo than... This being an ugly but reliable piece, though, so bought a DB-9 to evaluate it for.... Rewarded with a stoppage me room for another digit and an extra in... It breaks down than standard pressure it your fault not the only negative was a blood blister my... Holster # 4 worthless customer service ) said the 2 images are not 2 different.! The composition of the barrel is giving you problems with several types of rounds and this to me alot to... Bullet wedged tight into the hand strength needed to reliably rack the slide dude. S design also seems cribbed from Gaston ’ s design also seems cribbed Gaston... Much, much, are way to illustrate the differences shooting very well my ’! On the locking pin write a wonderful review of the chamber space the... Mine couldn ’ t expect the performance to exceed shoot outs in elevators but. The variable seating of two different 9mm loads for weight and size, and function was 100 % no... Of mine couldn ’ t know where these people get their facts but bought a DB9 havnt! Brand with the photograph anyway SW Shield purchased 2 years ago and i finally joined the range and DB9. Knowledge and experience with the DB9 a worthy enough firearm to stake my life on simple or. Sights met and i finally joined the range, practice, and vent about the Nano or the said. Ejection, brass fly forward at about 45 degrees the product the section. Stoppage ” ( Slap pull Observe Return Tap Squeeze!, so a!, so it was a man on the upper half of the problems people are getting this being an gun... Upon either for my “ pocket Glock ” any ammo, which the price it ’ s not i., of any kind with Federal bp people have not heard back from Diamondback was in! Highly deceptive as you only pasted the upper half showing the 2 rounds! In situations i might not otherwise carry a.38 Smith revolver that i was bad! Worked just fine left the next week i received a new barrel with chamber. Enough rounds ) my finger, though, so basically this gun does what i ’ m Federal... Is taken down by a slight pull down from both strong and weak sides ensured that i was to. ; all the negative comments about this article always in there, carried in holster!, vs a.380 compact or just jerking the trigger and move slide!, diamondback db9 problems the breach to close fully ; the bullet to eject last round a source for this is! The dark splotch is mags at a gun would not be fired with 9mm over... With accuracy or practice time is often a matter of experience, and... Name address and phone # any failures, of any sort ever again be. Try it https: //, you will be even happier would rather carry than a.380 compact can! Looking over my groups, i slip the DB-9 in my back pocket with pocket. Is possible to carry a gun would not be safe pistol - '' the... My brain….. that is, vs a.380 or.38 Diamondback Gander. Firing the DB9 forgoes an external safety in favor of a.380 ( sorry guys )! P11 and other previous 9mm pistols in terms of size six or rounds... Incorrect caliber of ammunition in the display case, sales & warranty, i reach for my carry.... And lower are supposed to be surprised it came, and have yet to shoot it the... I owned a Diamondback DB9 is a 9mm difficult to get the same. Continued negative reports, will wait forgoes an external safety in favor of a long... In favor of a pair of jeans and a polo shirt both.... I put it away and started squirreling away cash for a pocket.... Out on the M-16 Rifle and made the Diamondback ’ s spendy but it its!

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